GameDev Diary #1 – We are live !

Hello guys !

This is our first blog entry in our GameDev diary.

We will update this series of blogs very frequently, so you guys could glimpse BTS moments from our work on ProtoPhase.

We hope you will like it and we can`t wait to start putting more entries to the blog !


First things first –  let introduce our self`s .

We are small independent studio , founded by industry veterans . Right now the studio is more one man operation ( i`m wearing many hats ),  however my wife is helping me with PR stuff.

But in next few months we will grow a bit.

I have been working in the game industry for more than a decade now like an 3D Environment/Prop artist. I have grown professionally a lot for that time, and managed to work on some big tittles.

Starting as junior back in the days, to senior/lead artist for the last years i gathered a lot of experience not only in my field. That shaped me to even dare to start such a complicated project alone.

But enough about me , if someone wants to see more of my cv or portfolio please feel free to visit my website :

or to my ArtStation profile :

After many years of dreaming to create my very own project, the time has come !

My first ( there will be many dream projects in the future 🙂 ) dream project is called ProtoPhase.

I wrote the story and characters, and of course i`m doing all of the art 🙂 . Music wise for now i`m creating the score, i may hire someone to do that in the feature but to be honest its something that i love to do,  so don`t know if i want to give it to someone else 🙂 .

I already added 90% of all gameplay mechanics thanks to some Unreal marketplace blueprints, and some dirty scripting from my end. My wife and i are covering the PR and Marketing side of things.

Until we secure investment, this would have to do . Once we do secure funding, we will hire a few guys to help me out because as most of you may know, making a game if friking hard and time consuming 🙂 Also shearing the journey with friends is what makes it fun!


In next blog posts i will reveal more of our plans, and more of the game.

Cheers guys!



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