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Proto Phase

Proto Phase is a first-person sci-fi drama/adventure game. The action takes place on a space ship traveling towards the last hope for mankind. Are you going to make it ?

About Us

Catharzis Entertainment is a private, independent game studio headquartered in Varna, Bulgaria.
The company was founded in 2017. The founders are a team of experienced and successful video game industry veterans.
In 2017 development started with an ambitious sci-fi game entitled "Proto Phase".
We want to create emotional,moody,story-driven games, that will leave a long-term memory in everyone. We make games because we love creating a piece of art!

And we also do art outsourcing. Our main goal is to create the best, highest quality artwork possible for your game.
We do environments, props (Weapons, Vehicles, small props and etc.) , characters, concept art and UI assets for any kind of style (realistic, sci-fi, fantasy, hand-painted and etc.) .
Send us an e-mail for a free price quote, we offer current industry standard competitive rates.


The people behind our projects


Founder / CEO / Art Director
Senior 3D Environment Artist with more then 10 years of professional experience in the game industry. His work has ranged from AAA titles to indie projects, from PC/next-gen consoles to Mobile platforms.


Director of PR & HR
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