ProtoPhase is a first person drama/adventure game. The action takes place on a space ship traveling towards a planet, the last hope for mankind. Are you going to make it ?

26 June 2041 , NASA and ESA ( Europe Space Agency) launched next-generation satellites in long orbit around Earth. The technology was the first of its kind, allowing them to watch and cover a lot of the space around the Earth all at once.

The primary objective was to search for Earth-like planets which we could visit.

On 8 January 2044 , they found something quite unexpected, one of the asteroids already known to the astronomers was actually traveling on a direct path towards Earth.

It was an Asteroid monster capable of totally annihilating everything on Earth.

Traveling at 35 kilometers per second, there was no hope, not even a glimpse of hope for humankind to survive that impact. We had 8 years to prepare until the asteroid hit us. After months of anarchy and fear on Earth , every human, every country and nation realized that the only way we can save each other is if we work together .

We had to abandon all differences for the survival of our species, we need a killer asteroid on top of our heads to stop killing each other and to start working together – what an irony! Millions of years of evolution could not do what fear can for a few years.